8 Tips to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

With winter approaching, all our heating systems have to be prepared so that they can help us survive the brutal cold. Your furnace must be thoroughly inspected for any problems by scheduling a furnace repair in Lawrenceville, GA. Furnaces tend to spike up our energy bills during winter as they run continuously for hours. Moreover, the furnace’s efficiency has to be increased through maintenance to ensure that the furnace won’t give up in the middle of a cold night. 

A furnace is mechanical heating equipment and runs with the aid of electricity or gas. Being exposed to energy sources makes the furnace and the whole heating system prone to damages and failures. Thus, ensure to book a heating repair in Lawrenceville, GA, before winter begins. 

This is The Checklist You Can Follow To Make Sure That Your Furnace Is Ready For Winter – 


  • Program The Thermostat

Turn your thermostat from cooling to heating. Pull up the temperature a few degrees and check for any errors if you don’t feel the heat a few minutes later.

  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Brush and vacuum your heat exchanger when the unit is disabled. You can hire a technician for servicing your HVAC in Lawrenceville, GA. They will help you clean the system without any hassle. 

  • Replace The Air Filters

Change your air filters every few months to avoid the accumulation of dirt. If your electrostatic filter is permanent, you can clean it instead of replacing it. 

  • Lubricate The Blower Motor

If your furnace has a motor that requires lubrication, unplug the system, open the cover, clean the bearing caps, and lubricate the bearings in the end.

  • AC Condenser Protection

All AC condensers, except a heat pump, has to be covered to be protected from icicles. You can use a board or trash can lid to cover the fan. Do not use a moisture-trapping tarp. 

  • Clear Intake Pipe

Furnaces use an external intake pipe to generate more heat with less fuel. This pipe should be free from blockage or clogged dirt to make the furnace energy efficient. 

  • Check The Igniter Switch

The new furnaces have an electronic igniter switch. Ensure that the switch is working fine. If it does not work, push the reset button and check the breaker. Call a professional for furnace Service Suwanee, if nothing works. 

  • Examine Chimneys and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Chimneys can accumulate carbon monoxide and can have harmful effects. Make sure that your chimney is cleared up and your carbon monoxide detectors are replaced with new ones. 

Every move you take for a better furnace functioning, ensure to take the aid of a professional. Scheduling a furnace maintenance appointment regularly can help safeguard your furnace and increase its overall efficiency. You will not have to spend extensively to repair your furnace when winter arrives. 

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