A Handbook of HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining your home and increasing its worth is as simple as mowing the lawn and painting it. Similarly, there are simple things you can do to keep your air conditioning and heating equipment in good working order when you need it most. It also has the added benefit of reducing unplanned emergency calls and extending the life of your HVAC equipment. 

Tips for HVAC Maintenance:

  • Preventative Maintenance

Consider arranging two seasonal HVAC tune-ups per year, one for the air conditioning and one for heating. HVAC installation providers will completely service, inspect, and troubleshoot the system during regular furnace service in Suwanee to keep it running correctly and prevent breakdowns. 

  • Change the Filters

If the AC filter becomes too dirty, it might freeze and thaw, causing water damage. One of the easier ways to perform HVAC maintenance is to change the filter. Professionals like heating and air in Lawrenceville, GA advise making sure the filter isn’t dirty once a month. If it looks dirtier than usual, replace it immediately, especially if your household has any pets.

  • Visual Examination

Inspect the system by heating and air once a month, examine the thermostat, inner, outside, registers, and returns. 

  • Check the thermostat’s battery status.
  • Check to see that the condensate system is draining properly.
  • Make sure the filter access and the cabinet door are both securely shut.
  • Remove the Clutter Around HVAC 

Your indoor HVAC unit’s air quality and safety are improved by keeping the area around it clear. Clutter also inhibits air circulation in the nearby area, detrimental to the system’s effectiveness. Clutter can also be a fire and trip hazard, making HVAC repair in Duluth, GA and upkeep more difficult.

  • Clean and Clear Outside Unit

Fallen leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and other debris can readily accumulate around the outdoor HVAC unit. Remove all debris from the unit and the area surrounding it every time you do yard work. To help maintain optimal airflow, keep adjacent plants cut back at least two feet from all sides of the unit.

  • Replace Thermostat’s Batteries

Hardwired thermostats are permanently connected to the home’s electrical system. To avoid difficulties, replace batteries at least once a year.

  • Control the Indoor Temperature 

Maintaining your HVAC system entails keeping it at a suitable temperature and not running it as much while away from home or sleeping. When you leave the house cool in the winter and warm in the summer, the system will run less frequently, consume less power, and last longer.

  • Working Carbon Monoxide Detector 

A carbon monoxide detector is a must-have safety device in home combustion-based heating systems, such as natural gas or fuel oil. The alert could save your life in the event of an exhaust leak, faulty ventilation, excessive gas flow, or other problem. Monthly, check the carbon monoxide detector for proper operation and, if necessary, replace it. You can also take professional help like furnace repair in Suwanee.

  • Cleaning of Condenser or Heat Pump 

Households must ensure that their outside air-conditioning pumps and units are free of debris on the top and sides. Check that your unit is level; if it isn’t, the refrigerants that assist your air conditioner work will become disconnected.

  • Keep an Eye on Energy Bills

If you see a sudden or progressive increase in energy use while your usage remains constant, it could indicate a problem with your HVAC system. Dirty filters, duct leaks, low refrigerants, deteriorating parts, and other problems could be blamed.

Consider hiring expert technicians from Americool Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. for HVAC repair to alleviate the load and ensure everything is properly maintained. Additionally, consider combining this with regular cleaning and new technology to lighten the load on your system and save money. Call us at 770-622-4414.