Common Signs That Shows Your AC Fan Is Broken

The peak summer season in Suwanee reaches its maximum temperature in July, and that’s usually when AC installation in Lawrenceville, GA is most needed. Suppose your air conditioner suddenly stops working in the middle of the summer. A broken or damaged air conditioner fan can trouble you with poor AC performance. 

Before you start looking for AC repair in Lawrenceville, GA to fix the broken air conditioner fan, understand the common reasons that cause this problem. Ignoring them can cause further issues, which can become a bigger problem later.

5 Common Signs That Indicate Your AC’s Fan is Broken:

  • Airflow Restriction

You can feel that your air conditioner’s airflow is not how it used to be. When your AC doesn’t blow cool air smoothly, there can be two reasons: excessive dirt accumulation inside AC or a broken AC fan. 

To solve this problem, clean your air conditioning unit. If the problem is still there, the fault is in the fan. To check the fan blades’ damage, remove the outdoor unit side and top panels. Consult a technician when you find the air conditioner’s fan broken.

  • Rattling and Humming Noises

A broken, non-lubricated, and damaged AC fan produces various strange noises. If it is broken or the fan blades are loose, it will make rattling noises. 

If the AC fan needs oiling, it produces humming noises. These strange and loud noises indicate that your AC fan needs repair.

Dirty fan blades or bent fan blades also cause strange noise. You can use a fin comb to straighten up the fan blades.

  • AC Short Cycling

Although a malfunctioning thermostat or a tripping circuit breaker box causes the problem of short cycling, even the broken AC fan can make the short cycling frequent. 

The broken AC fan stops working and starts again frequently. Call a professional for the inspection to know the exact reason behind repetitive short cycling.

  • The AC Fan is Not Running. 

You can hear that your compressor is working, but your AC fan is not running. If your compressor is working but not the fan, the AC fan is broken, or the fan blades are loose.

You will not get the refreshing and cool airflow even if all other components of your AC except the fan are working as the fan is responsible for blowing the air.

  • Extremely Slow Cooling

A broken or damaged AC fan works slowly. The fan blades circulate in slow motion, and you get negligible cooling or weak airflow.

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