HVAC Filter: What Not to Do?

One of the best critical components in your home is your air conditioner, so it’s vital to keep it in good working order. Maintaining a clean air filter and double-checking that it is in place before starting your system is one way to do so. Many single are unaware of the significance of this minor component.

Keep Reading to Know The Things You Should Never Do With Your HVAC Filter:

HEPA Isn’t Always The Best Option

  • HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters aren’t always recommended by HVAC contractors that provide heating repair in Lawrenceville, GA. As HEPA demands excellent particle filtering, your system may freeze if dust builds up on the filter because of the increased air restriction.
  • It could also signal that your unit’s HEPA filter is inefficient, even though it appears to be working correctly. Choose a little freer airflow option for your intake registers and purchase a separate HEPA filtration system as an alternative to HEPA AC filters. 

Forgetting To Replace The Air Filter

  • Different companies and contractors may give you varied instructions for changing your AC filters. This advice varies depending on your living situation and the filters you employ. If you aren’t experiencing any dire consequences from poor air quality, you may be wondering if the filter needs to be replaced. 
  • When your filters are old or full, keep in mind that air quality isn’t the only thing that suffers. This is because the system is attempting to chill enough air to maintain your desired temperature in your home. 
  • However, if it can’t pull the air through quickly enough, it will have to work harder. It may cause AC system problems that lead to system failure. If you’re unsure when replacing your filter, it’s probably time to call for professional help like HVAC in Lawrenceville, GAfor guidance.

Ignoring The Air Filters 

  • You should never forget about your air filters, as they help to improve your home’s interior air quality and support optimal ventilation. Many households, however, overlook the significance of clean air filters.  
  • Dirty filters can only harm your HVAC system and the quality of the air you and your family breathe. You should inspect your air filters once a month and replace them once every 1-3 months as needed.

Using The Incorrect Size Filter

  • When it comes to enhancing air quality, using a filter that isn’t the exact size required for your system won’t cut it. Your filter will not fit into its assigned region if it is too large. When you try to make it work or pull it out, you risk damaging it. 
  • A filter that is too small will not be able to filter out all of the particles and allergens that are circulated through your HVAC system. In each of these scenarios, the filter’s integrity is jeopardized, making it less effective in protecting you and your family.

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