Things You Should Know About Your AC

ACs are one of the most important and expensive assets of your house. So, you need to know the functioning of your AC if you’re planning to install, buy, or already have an AC. Here are some general facts and tips about the AC installation in Lawrenceville, GA, maintenance, and components of your air conditioner that you must be informed about.

Here Are Some Facts and Tips About AC:

  1. Leaky ducts: Your AC might be suffering from duct leakage if you notice it isn’t running properly. The outside ducts should be well protected and heat-proof. Fixing the leaks will prevent extra repair costs and up to half a ton of AC capacity.
  2. Filters and condenser: The efficiency of your AC can be increased by cleaning the dirt and replacing the air filters and condenser from time to time. This helps in reducing the chances of overheating. You can also call a professional from AC repair in Lawrenceville, GA service.
  3. Refrigerant issue: A refrigerant leak is generally repairable. So, if you notice any leakage or low levels, call for repair service.
  4. Timers: Setting a timer is always a good idea to ensure no energy wastage while your AC is running. The programmable thermostats allow you to adjust the temperatures. In any case, you must not turn off the system unless you’re away for a longer time as it is difficult for the compressor to bring the temperature back.
  5. Leaking pipes: You might notice water leaking from the outdoor pipe. This indicates that your primary condensate drain is faulty. You must call for a repair in such cases.
  6. Blocked air passage: The hot air that the air conditioner blows out must disperse freely. You should avoid placing anything above the outdoor AC unit as it may obstruct the path for the air to flow.
  7. Keeping the windows closed: An air conditioner has to work harder to provide cooling if the windows and doors of your house are open. This will make the AC run for hours, ultimately leading to overheating. Also, the more your AC works, the higher your electrical bills. Also, by keeping the blinds closed during the summers, you can ensure that your house is not boiling. This will keep your AC unit from overworking.
  8. Thermostat: The thermostat must not be set below 70 degrees as it won’t provide any extra or faster cooling. In contrast, it might freeze up your system leading to permanent damage.
  9. Regular maintenance: It is a crucial factor in extending your air conditioner’s life. Going for AC maintenance every once in a while can help identify issues before your system completely breaks down.
  10. Check for Frosting: If you find frost accumulation on indoor or outdoor pipes, it means that system will not cool your house properly. You will need to thaw the air conditioner before the next use. So, make sure to turn off the thermostat and turn the fan on.
  11. Ventilation: An AC should heat, cool, ventilate and contribute to your health and comfort. It’s necessary to ensure proper ventilation of the air to exchange the air inside the house.

Apart from these points, choosing the right professional help can greatly help you maintain your air conditioner’s health and ensure its longevity. Americool provides AC maintenance in Lawrenceville, GA, in areas like Duluth, Buford, and Suwanee. Call (770) 622- 4414 to book a maintenance visit.