Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

Air conditioning units have grown as a necessity in the present era due to increased global warming. As a result, many new models have been released with time, and unlike their older counterparts, these new models make very little noise as they are equipped with noise dampening technology and a two-stage compressor. The function of these technologies is to keep the sound level below 55 decibels, so if you hear some strange or loud noises from your machine, do not neglect it and immediately get in touch with an expert for AC repair in Lawrenceville, GA, and get your unit checked. 

Strange Noises An Air Conditioner Makes When In Need Of Repair.

Suppose you are lately detecting some of the strange noises coming out from your air conditioning unit. In that case, you must never ignore these sounds for too long and call for an AC service, as a minor issue may turn into a significant breakdown, resulting in a total breakdown. You would have to replace the whole unit. 

Hence, you must always schedule a maintenance service as soon as possible if you hear any of the sounds mentioned below – 

  • Banging Sound

The compressor usually makes a banging sound when a part has been broken or has become loose. If the problem is with a small piston pin or a connecting rod, there is no need to worry about minor issues.  

However, if the problem is not with these parts, it indicates a more significant issue, and you may need to replace your compressor. That is why it is recommended to contact an AC maintenance in Lawrenceville, GAfor a quick and precise checkup.

  • Rattling Sound

A rattling noise may mean that your machine is starting to decay, and some of its parts may be loosening up. 

Another reason for the noise may be that the leaves and dust have blocked the system, thus producing rattling sounds, or the fan blades of the compressor have become loose and start rattling when the machine is turned on. 

  • Whistling Sound

If your AC produces a high-pitched sound, you should turn off the air conditioner and call a maintenance service right away. 

The most probable cause for this sound may be a refrigerant leak which is harmful to your machine and is detrimental to your family’s health. A whistling sound may also indicate high pressure inside the compressor, which may be very dangerous.

  • Buzzing Sound

A buzzing sound is usually associated with various electrical issues. For example, a buzzing noise coming from the compressor means that there is a fault in the machine of the compressor, while the noise coming from the inside means that a wire is not correctly connected to the circuit. 

Additionally, a low voltage supply may also lead to buzzing sounds being produced. These kinds of electrical issues must be taken care of as soon as possible as they put your machine at risk. 

If you are experiencing any of these loud sounds listed above, you must immediately get in touch with expert HVAC professionals at Americool for your AC installation in Lawrenceville, GA. For booking a service appointment, you can call us at (770)-622-4414 or write your query to us at amcoolinc@yahoo.com.